Friday, 11 May 2012

Malakoff buy the entire issued and paid-up IPME $ 113.4

 Corporation Bhd strengthen business portfolio energy when buying the entire share capital and issue IP Middle East Holding Company Ltd (IPME) from International Power Holdings Ltd. (IPR) in a transaction valued at U.S. $ 113.4 million (RM348 million). Purchase was made ​​Malakoff also 51 percent owned subsidiary of the local engineering conglomerate MMC Corporation Bhd through wholly-owned subsidiary, Malakoff International Ltd.

IPME established on December 13, 2005 is an investment holding company.
Authorized share capital of the company is U.S. $ 100 million comprising 100 million ordinary shares of U.S. $ 1 per share, of which 56.26 million ordinary shares of U.S. $ 1 per share has been issued and fully paid.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

UMW sales target of over 400 units of the Lexus RX

luxury vehicle business unit of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (Malaysia LEXUS), aims to sell more Lexus RX 400 units this year with the introduction of improved versions of four sports utility vehicle (SUV), that is, RX270, RX350, RX350 and RX450h F SPORT. President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ismet Suki said crossover model in the large luxury SUV segment of the fourth generation, the second model after the Lexus GS Lexus using the neatness of the design philosophy 'L-Finesse' latest interpretation of the spindle featuring Grille.

All variants RX is open for booking starting May 2 and the RX270 is the price of RM359, 800, RX350 (RM399, 800), while the F SPORT RX350 and RX450h hybrid variants of their worth RM409, 800 and RM525, 000," he said at the launch of the upgraded version of the model, in Petaling Jaya, yesterday.
Ismet said that so far in April, Lexus RX record sales of nearly 1,100 units at the same time contribute 32 per

Monday, 7 May 2012

American firms open operations in Malaysia

BOSE Corporation, the audio world's leading based in the United States (U.S.), will open the assembly facility, distribution, and research and development (R & D) in Malaysia this year, the first facility in Asia Pacific.
Vice President Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Bryan Fontaine, said the new facility is scheduled to be operational mid next year it will produce and distribute products to Bose Asia Pacific markets, including Australia, China, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and ASEAN.
"The investment is for long-term involve various phases of development. "It will be built in an area of 9.2 hectares at Mile Friends, New York, adjacent to the second Penang bridge," he said at a news conference announcing the company's first investment in Asia Pacific in Kuala Lumpur , yesterday. present Chairman of Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob: Vice president and General Counsel and Secretary of the Bose Corporation, Mark E Sullivan and Executive Vice President,

Thursday, 26 April 2012

U.S. confident of deal with the issue of unemployment

U.S. Federal RESERVES (U.S.) yesterday said the economy will start to enjoy increased with a decrease in unemployment rate by the end of this year following the implementation of the current stimulus policies although there is still uncertainty in the short term.
By stating that 'it is too early to declare victory, chairman, Ben Bernanke said the positive outlook on the world's largest economy and at the same time realizing the increasing demand for stimulus spending.
After a two-day meeting, the U.S. central bank policy makers said they expect to keep interest rates near zero until the end of 2014. Bernanke, however, said any additional expenses for the current economic stimulus is something that is 'dangerous'. He felt that the U.S. economy this year was stronger than expected with a projected increase in employment opportunities. the central bank forecast that the unemployment rate will drop to between 7.8 to 8.0 percent by the end of this year. U.S. unemployment rate now is 8.2 percent, the lowest figure in three years, increasing positive expectations about the country's economic prospects. Federal Reserve expects economic growth could reach between 2.4 percent to 2.9 percent by the end of this year, higher than previous projections. Given this

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Microsoft post gains AS$5.11

MICROSOFT record quarterly net profit reached U.S. $ 5.11 billion , driven by product launches wave of large-scale promising prospects for the company.
"We are developing exciting launch in the company and posted strong financial results.
"With the new launch of Windows 8 for PCs and tablet, the new Office version and a variety of products and services for enterprises and consumers, we will generate exceptional value to all our customers in the coming year," said chief executive Steve Ballmer. share price software giant jumped more than three per cent to U.S. $ 31.98 per share after the announcement of results that beat forecasts on Wall Street and recorded the highest revenue in the third quarter amounted to U.S. $ 17.41 billion. Profit Microsoft for the three months ended March 31 was slightly lower compared to U.S. $ 5.23 billion recorded in the period a year ago. program tailored for business sales and interest in hosted software as a service on the Internet "cloud" boost revenue even though the overall weakness in the consumer market and the demand for video game consoles, Xbox 360. Contribution from the device and the entertainment is reduced because of accessory voice control as well as the Xbox and Kinect, which fell 16 percent to U.S. $ 1.6 billion. Microsoft sees revenue EDD will grow in the current quarter. "We think the position and market strategy we are very good," said Chief Financial Officer, Peter Klein at a press


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