Saturday, 21 April 2012

Microsoft post gains AS$5.11

MICROSOFT record quarterly net profit reached U.S. $ 5.11 billion , driven by product launches wave of large-scale promising prospects for the company.
"We are developing exciting launch in the company and posted strong financial results.
"With the new launch of Windows 8 for PCs and tablet, the new Office version and a variety of products and services for enterprises and consumers, we will generate exceptional value to all our customers in the coming year," said chief executive Steve Ballmer. share price software giant jumped more than three per cent to U.S. $ 31.98 per share after the announcement of results that beat forecasts on Wall Street and recorded the highest revenue in the third quarter amounted to U.S. $ 17.41 billion. Profit Microsoft for the three months ended March 31 was slightly lower compared to U.S. $ 5.23 billion recorded in the period a year ago. program tailored for business sales and interest in hosted software as a service on the Internet "cloud" boost revenue even though the overall weakness in the consumer market and the demand for video game consoles, Xbox 360. Contribution from the device and the entertainment is reduced because of accessory voice control as well as the Xbox and Kinect, which fell 16 percent to U.S. $ 1.6 billion. Microsoft sees revenue EDD will grow in the current quarter. "We think the position and market strategy we are very good," said Chief Financial Officer, Peter Klein at a press conference to announce the results on-line financial company. Xbox video game will transcend to be a choice for movies and other entertainment content from the internet. Executive said that they were also encouraged by indications that high-powered laptops and thin on the latest Windows operating system sparked consumer demand. "We continue to implement the best for the whole of our business, and we see strong demand for industrial products and services, "said Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner. "Investment and our offerings in the database platform and public, private and hybrid cloud to help customers we change their operations to meet today's business is constantly changing.

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