Saturday, 30 July 2011

20 new Chevron gas station

Chevron Malaysia Ltd. , the operator of the brand Caltex service stations in Malaysia, plans to open up 20 new stations within the next few years involving an investment of up to RM15 million each.
The move is aimed at increasing the share of the local oil retail market to 14 percent from about 10 percent now.

Director of its support, Faizah Abdul Samad, said the company currently has 429 stations, including six newly opened this year. He said, overall the group plans to open nine stations this year. He said the focus of the opening of new stations are in the Klang Valley and Other key locations throughout the country, except for Sabah and Sarawak. Faizah said Caltex has not entered Sabah and Sarawak due to some difficulties from technical aspects even able to do so. "We are able to expand its operations in two states, but the constraints of some aspects of

Friday, 29 July 2011

Proton is confident the market dominated

PROTON Holdings Bhd is confident of maintaining its position as the leading passenger vehicle market this year, and will now give greater emphasis on user satisfaction. Consequently, the national carmaker wants to be more consistent in terms of quality of production model new, especially towards the preparation for its maiden issue of global cars, P3-21A early next year.

Managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, said the company was very satisfied with the achievements of the first six months of this year which saw a 32 per cent of PROTON's domestic market by selling about 85.000 vehicles throughout the period.
We are pleased with the position, but want to continue such performance by increasing the level of display quality of each new model Proton. "It is in line with the current position of the company that saw increasing acceptance of the PROTON brand over the last few years, thus

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Petrofac to take over shares RNZ

PETROFAC Ltd., the giant British oil and gas engineering is in talks to acquire a significant stake in the RNZ Integrated (M) Sdn Bhd, which is one of six companies licensed offshore engineering major PETRONAS.
Industry sources said the acquisition of majority shareholding RNZ Integrated aims to strengthen the company's position is based in Jermyn Street London to bid for more service contracts and the development of small oil wells in the more risky sea with PETRONAS.
A small oil well development activities and the sea in Australia is now gaining the attention of big international companies due to a serious commitment of the government in an effort to increase the country's total oil reserves. "Drawing on the developments, the British companies are strategizing to improve the reach of its involvement in oil industry and gas industry in Malaysia with the potential to take over local companies, with RNZ target acquisition. "Talks involving the two parties (Petrofac and RNZ Integrated) is in progress and understand oil and gas engineering giant Britain is keen to take over 50 per cent stake in RNZ Integrated. "However, they are still at an early stage and no agreement has not been finalized," he told The Star in Kuala Lumpur. RNZ Integrated led Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Rozali Ahmad, however, could not be contacted for comment on the incident. The source said , Petrofac

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

PRICE gold surged past the U.S. $ 1.600 for 1 auns

PRICE gold surged past the U.S. $ 1.600 1 auns yesterday, the highest level in history, due to continued buying investors divert investments to precious metals such as fear debt problems deepened in Europe and the United States (U.S.).
Commodity prices continued to strengthen in morning trade today with the surge to U.S. $ 1,600.10 seauns Market Blooms London after witnessing upward trend since Friday.
Head of Research at Affin Investment Bank, Dr Nazri Khan, said the uncertainty of the resolution of debt problems in Europe and the U.S. caused investors to shift the focus to gold because the precious metal is considered as the safest investment during the crisis. He said the gold price is expected to continue upward trend potential to reach U.S. $ 1.650 seauns in the

Sunday, 17 July 2011

D'Tandoor expanded into Indonesia

D'Tandoor Food Industries Sdn Bhd , the owner of the restaurant chain of North Indian cuisine, D'Tandoor aimed to enter the Indonesian market by the end of this year following the market potential of the rapidly growing republic.
It also supported the emphasis Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs (the ministry) to the local franchisors to explore the market in Indonesia and several other countries including West Asia, India and China.
Commenting on the matter, founder and managing director, Abdul Malik Abdullah, said he is confident the market potential of neighboring countries with similar cultures and religions of Malaysia, thus encouraged to continue to monitor market developments in the country. "ministry last June to bring 24 local participating franchisors Franchise Expo in Jakarta and we got positive feedback on products and plans to expand its business there, "he told The Star. April, D'Tandoor signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Bama Krama Group, based in United Arab Emirates (UAE ) as a franchisee for D'Tandoor restaurant chain with an investment value reached 8 million dirhams (RM6.54 million). Under the agreement, Bama manners will open 10

Regional Economic market lesion

Negative INDICATIONS the United States (U.S.), Europe and China last week as well as credit rating downgrades and uncertainty over the U.S. and Europe following the government's debt issues, affecting market sentiment.
Things that also affect the local market which saw the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM) has a correction to test the level of support.
Compared to the previous week, the FBM KLCI fell 17.49 points, or 1.1 per cent to 1,577.25 with a loss suffered some heavyweights like Genting Bhd shares (-38 cents), CIMB (-17 cents), AMMB (-31 cents) and Maybank ( -12 cents), accounting for nearly 60 percent of the index fall. Average daily trading volume and value, respectively, decreased significantly to 759.8 million shares and RM1.44 billion compared with 931.3 million shares and an average of RM1.73 billion last week. Last week , the proposed merger Sapura Crest Petroleum and Kencana Petroleum shook the market. 's largest new entity will be in a better position to bid for larger contracts and more complex, especially abroad. The proposed merger does not create a concern because as a The merged entity, it will have a net debt position of RM1.6 billion from RM200 million net cash position prior to the merger. However, the current stock price and Kencana SapuraCrest not

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Old Town shares surged

Old Town, Ltd., a manufacturer of beverage products immediately and the operator Old Town White Coffee cafe chain to be listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia yesterday, surged to 12 per cent or 15 sen to RM1.40 per share as compared to the reference price of RM1. 25 per unit.
Its share price opened at RM1.38 per share, up 13 cents before surging to the highest level of daily RM1.40 per share shortly after that.
But profit -taking emerging after the price of these counters closed at RM1.32 per unit, up 5.6 percent, or seven cents compared to the reference price. On the whole the average market price during trading yesterday Old Town is RM1.34 per share for 51.75 million shares traded, valued at RM69 .41 million. Its chairman, Datuk Dr Ahmed Tasir Lope Pihie, said he is satisfied with the

Mercedes sold 3.900 vehicles

MERCEDES-BENZ Malaysia (MBM) to sell 3.900 units of passenger and commercial vehicles in the first six months of this year, the best since it was established in the country.
Chief Executive Officer, Roland S Folger, said it was increased by 22.6 per cent compared with 3.182 units sold during the same period last year.
Clearly, the company last year recorded sales of 7,000 units involving total 5.003 1.967 units of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. "Based on the encouraging performance in the first half of this year, we are on track accurately create a new record in passenger and commercial

Monday, 11 July 2011

11.000 new Myvi before raya

COMPANY Second Automobile (TOYOTA) aims to deliver between 10,000 and 11,000 units of new Perodua Myvi has been booked by July.
's managing director, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, said the first week of this month, 1,000 units already delivered, and last month the company deliver 2,000 units of new Myvi.
"Recently received very encouraging for the new Myvi since it opened on 4 June. So far, we have already received 17.000 orders for the capital. "We strive to deliver as many cars before the festival to meet customers' dreams to go spend a highway to the village with a new car," he told reporters after the end of the session to test drive the new Myvi car media in Singapore recently.

Aminar said driving test session held at the request of members of the media for a longer

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Long term investment plan

When we buy shares or invest in a company, indirectly, we agreed to also bear the risk in the business performance of companies. Each investor must realize that the value of shares can fall shattered to be worth even a cent if the company went bankrupt.
Many people, especially new investors involved with stock investing is usually difficult to choose which stocks to buy and when the right time to invest in assuming their investment knowledge is too shallow, or at least worried that stock prices may have been too high and likely to fall back at any time. If possible they want to get good profit in a short time and at the same time afraid of losing the investment made.

Investing strategies

The best time to invest in shares is not actually located to the seconds, hours, minutes or days, right to buy shares, but more dependent on the duration of an investment - that is for short periods, medium or long term. In fact, no one know whether the shares of a company or the stock market as a whole will rise or fall at any given time. However, a wise and experienced

Friday, 8 July 2011

Japanese car industry to recover the effect of the tsunami

PRODUCER Japanese cars are now starting to recover from the negative effects of the destruction following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the northeast Japan last March. Deputy Chairman UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, Takashi Hibi, said that car production is beginning to be able to overcome delays in production as experienced in the period April to May following the disruption of operations.

"We are beginning to be a recovery path by June," he said after a dialogue between the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Japan in ASEAN (FJCCIA) and Secretary General of ASEAN, Dr Surin Pitsuwan in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Hibi, who is also chairman FJCCIA, said in April, Japanese companies have factories in ASEAN had to slow down the operation because of the disaster triggered disruption of supply chains around

Sime Darby sold 70.000 vehicles

SIME Darby Motors Sdn Bhd, the automotive business of Sime Darby Bhd had sales of up to 70.000 vehicles in the year ended 30 June, 16.7 percent higher than the set target of 60,000 units previously. 's managing director, Datuk Lawrence Lee, said of the total market China accounted for sales of 27,000 units during the financial year July 30, 2010 until June 30, 2011.

He said, based on performance, the company is confident its operations arm of the income contribution of China to the company's overall earnings, will increase more than 35 percent compared to only 30 per cent recorded last year.
"The performance thus shows China operations, which includes markets in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, remains the largest revenue contributor to the company until now. "It's expectations, especially after you know the results of the third quarter of the current financial year when the three countries posted revenue of RM4.6 billion or about 45 percent over other markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, "he said in Chengdu, China, yesterday. Elaborating, he said the operation in China will remain a key driver growth of the company and it will continue to increase investment to strengthen the position in respective regions. He said the company will take advantage of China's regional economic environment better and encouraging the growth of industrial sector to increase sales of luxury vehicles and open more branches in various cities with potential. "significant contribution the income of the company placing it among our priorities for the next expansion plan, we will strengthen the presence in the region by allocating more investments to open more branches and bringing in new brands in China, "he said.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tokyo Stock Exchange reached its highest level

SHARE Asia closed mixed yesterday, with Tokyo recorded the highest closing price since the earthquake on March 11 following the vote of confidence in the United States, however, reduced the debt ratings of Portugal little impact on market sentiment.
Wall Street's stock performance is increased slightly, after a long weekend has provided some direction in the marke
Tokyo shares rose 1.10 per cent, or 110.02 points to 10,082.48, the highest recorded since March 11 and the first time it closed above 10,000 points since 2 May. Seoul closed 12:44 per cent, or 9:44 points higher at 2,171.19 and Sydney or 6.9 percent up 00:14 points to 4.605. However, Hong Kong fell 0.38 per cent while the Shanghai download 0:51 per cent. In New York, the Dow Jones,

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AirAsia Airbus A320 200 book Neo

AirAsia Bhd, the operator of low-cost carrier, is expected to be among the world's largest airline group following the orders 200 Airbus A320 Neo, said Senior Consultant Aerospace & Defense, Frost & Sullivan, Kunal Sinha. "AirAsia Agreement in respect of the single largest order with Airbus in terms of number aircraft. The group currently operates 89 A320 aircraft and has orders for 86 A320 aircraft. A total of 200 neo-engined A320 CFM LEAP-X will be delivered from 2016 to 2026, "he said in Singapore.

Sinha said the growth in commercial aircraft network is likely to switch to a new area of ​​Asia Pacific, China and West Asia. States, he said, is expected to follow different patterns that make the North American and European markets mature.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Exchange Weekly: FBM KLCI hit its highest level

Composite Index FTSE Bursa Malaysia (FBM) rose and closed at new record levels last week.
It is stimulated by events 'decorate account' for the first half of the domestic market and foreign market rally after a major borrower agreement to settle 70 percent of government debt when Greece has enacted measures to continue the relief efforts.
Consequently, the FBM 18:28 KLCI gained points, or 1.17 percent last week to close at new record high of 1,582.94, with the increase in CIMB (+25 cents), Hong Leong Bank (+82 cents) and Gamuda (+20 cents) contributed about 40 per cent increase index. The average daily trading volume and value in their margin decreased to 903.5 million shares worth RM1.65 billion, compared with an average 920.4 million shares worth RM1.53 billion last week. We began to enter the second half

Bumi Armada to the Main Market

BUMI Armada Bhd, which will be listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia this month is on track to become a leader strong services sector, offshore oil and gas in Asia within five years.
Executive director and chief executive officer Hassan Basma Assad, said the company is now close to a major player in Asia marine transport services storage system (FPSO) and offshore support vessels (OSV).
"As a company, to achieve the target we need to remain competitive, healthy and continued to record profits. "In terms of regional competition, we were very close to the main competitors from Hong Kong and Singapore," he said in an interview with The Star in Kuala Lumpur, recently. In the FPSO segment, Basma said Bumi Armada aims to become the world's fourth largest players and the largest in Asia in terms of fleet size by 2013. "We are now approaching the first

Friday, 1 July 2011

Firefly wingspan to South Asia

COMPANY community airline, Firefly, plans to add new destinations in South and North within the next five years, said managing director Datuk Eddy Leong. He said the company will explore new routes in North Asia, including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and Indian subcontinent in Southeast Asia.

"We will fly over the ASEAN as part of a long-term plans to offer flights to popular destinations," he said after launching Firefly's inaugural flight to Sibu, Sarawak.
Under code-sharing with its parent company Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Firefly offers the Kuala Lumpur-Sibu, using B737-800 for the Kuala Lumpur-Sandakan beginning August 1. Leong said, Firefly will also identify new domestic destinations such as Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, Miri and Bintulu and at the same time, making Singapore as a hub airport for connecting flight to

Understand the term stock investments to help increase skills

Today I will explain about some of the popular terms in stock investing. I hope after this we can talk about investment in shares and eventually with the shared knowledge and experience to be more involved in investing in the stock market.
These terms are listed with reference to Malay glossary issue Routledge, 2001. Among the terms you need to know in share investments include:
1. Bull market bull market refers to the stock market increased by 20 percent or more in a long period is usually due to the improved performance of listed companies recorded a profit growth results benefited from an expanding economy. The term is said to have originated from the habits of the bull that attacked the victim on the gore. Examples bull market is a rising market trend began in August 1998 to early 2000. At that time, many people make a profit on their investment.
2. Bear market trend situation of the market plunged 20 percent or more in the long run due to favorable economic conditions. Associated with the nature of the bear that attacked the victim down menghenyak habit with sharp claws. Examples of the bear market is the performance of the Malaysian stock market which plunged during the 2008 impact of the global economic crisis.
3. Earnings per share more popular English term that referred to in EPS or 'Earnings per share.

Inflow of foreign funds push strengthening FBM KLCI

Bursa Malaysia recorded its highest closing level yesterday supported the inflow of foreign funds into local market following the country's economic prospects are expected to remain strong as well as shopping 'decorate account' half of the final day. At the close yesterday, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index FTSE Bursa Malaysia (FBM ) increasing by 4.06 points or 0.26 percent to 1,579.07 points ahead of the previous closing high of 1,576.95 points, recorded on 6 January.

Dealers said although the global market situation is still in a state of uncertainty, especially following the debt crisis of Greece and the U.S. economic slowdown, but investor confidence in the local market remained strong.
"There is a purchase by foreign investors that were detected on the blue chips, especially in the finance, technology and construction. "The surge in the index today (Monday) is also generated activities decorate account 'by fund managers," he said. Following the increase,

Bumi Armada launches IPO at RM2.03 billion

services Provider of offshore oil and gas industry internationally, Bumi Armada Bhd yesterday launched its initial public offering (IPO) valued at RM2.03 billion, after re-listing on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.
It was the largest IPO so far this year in the local stock market and one of the largest in Asia.
For the IPO, a company owned by tycoon Ananda Krishan is offering 644.26 million shares, of which 461.9 million was allocated to selected investors and foreign institutions, while 102.49 million to Bumiputera investors approved. A total of 79.86 million is being offered for subscription to retail investors, with 29.28 million for public subscription, while the 21:29 million for directors, employees and individuals who contributed to the success of the company. For the shares allocated to retail investors, it is offered at an indicative price of RM3.15 per share to the final price is determined after the pricing of the institution determined through the bidding process. Based on the indicative price for retail investors, the IPO Bumi Armada, will generate RM2.03 billion. It also puts the value of the company's market capitalization at about RM9.5 billion after the listing is scheduled on 21 July. Executive Director who is also Chief Executive of Bumi Armada, Assad Hassan Basma, said part of the capital raised from the IPO will be used to strengthen the company's business in existing markets. He said the company will explore the opportunities available in those markets as well as attempting to enter new markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia. "We are bidding for six projects, each on average worth between U.S. $ 300 million to U.S. $ 500 million domestically and abroad, "he said at a press conference after the prospectus launch IPO in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Basma said, going forward, the strategic focus group is continuing its growth in four business segments of the marine transport ( FPSO), transportation and installation (T & I), offshore support vessels (OSV) and oilfield services (OFS).


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