Sunday, 17 July 2011

Regional Economic market lesion

Negative INDICATIONS the United States (U.S.), Europe and China last week as well as credit rating downgrades and uncertainty over the U.S. and Europe following the government's debt issues, affecting market sentiment.
Things that also affect the local market which saw the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM) has a correction to test the level of support.
Compared to the previous week, the FBM KLCI fell 17.49 points, or 1.1 per cent to 1,577.25 with a loss suffered some heavyweights like Genting Bhd shares (-38 cents), CIMB (-17 cents), AMMB (-31 cents) and Maybank ( -12 cents), accounting for nearly 60 percent of the index fall. Average daily trading volume and value, respectively, decreased significantly to 759.8 million shares and RM1.44 billion compared with 931.3 million shares and an average of RM1.73 billion last week. Last week , the proposed merger Sapura Crest Petroleum and Kencana Petroleum shook the market. 's largest new entity will be in a better position to bid for larger contracts and more complex, especially abroad. The proposed merger does not create a concern because as a The merged entity, it will have a net debt position of RM1.6 billion from RM200 million net cash position prior to the merger. However, the current stock price and Kencana SapuraCrest not reflect the potential impact of the merger, as investors still worried about the prospects of the merger after the failure of the merger involving IJM Land and MRCB, as well as the latest involving the proposed acquisition of RHB Capital is revoked. Based on the situation, share prices SapuraCrest and Kencana is expected to be re-rated if there is a positive development involves the merger of both companies in the future. industry as a whole should move towards the same can lead to more speculation about the prospects for mergers and acquisitions in the local marine fabrication services providers other marine. For the FBM KLCI is expected to continue the flow of current corrections before reaching technical rebound later this week. The benchmark inflation rate, consumer price index (CPI) for June to be released Wednesday is expected to increase pressure on inflation after the increase in electricity tariffs last month. Listing Bumi Armada will also be closely monitored because it is valued at a price less expensive than seangkatannya companies in other global markets. Thus, the price The company's shares traded between RM3.10 and is expected to RM3.40 per share on the first day of listing. In terms of external factors, U.S. housing data may also influence market direction. In conclusion, with a weakening trend indicators suggest FBM KLCI to face profit-taking this week. Thus, investors can expect a lack of trading activity will last for a week or longer. The lack of positive indicators in the local market and global market concerns on the U.S. and European debt may continue to dampen market performance. It is expected that banking shares such as AMMB, CIMB and Maybank , Genting Bhd and Gamuda as well as profit-taking correction will continue until the first technical conditions of sale, before the buyer can bargain for profit. The immediate resistance for the KLCI remained at 1.576 points, while the level of support at the next resistance at 1.597 with 1.601 points .

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