Monday, 9 January 2012

China and India leads global sales of gadgets

Developing countries like China and India will be the main driver of sales of consumer electronic products globally to over U.S. $ 1 trillion for the first time in history, even though the user United States (U.S.) and Europe West to reduce spending for high-tech equipment, according to industry analysts.
Developing countries is expected to contribute 46 percent of global gadgets in 2012 sales, up from 37 percent four years ago, according to GfK Boutique Research and Consumer Electronics Association.
The group presented their predictions before the Fair Consumer Electronics International, which began today in Las Vegas. The group expects sales of electronic products globally in 2012 amounted to U.S. $ 1,038 trillion, up five percent from a year ago. Consumers in China and other countries, developing Asia , Latin America and central and eastern Europe favored high-tech products due to rising living standards towards the middle-class lifestyle. In the meantime, sales of gadgets in the U.S., Japan and Western Europe does not change due to the failure of increasing its market share in consumer spending. In another development, NPD Group on Sunday and said, sales of consumer electronics in the U.S. fell 5.9 percent during the holiday season and, because smartphones take over the sales of personal gadgets like cameras, video recorders and Directions Determinants System (GPS). The firm said that retail sales record, selling electronic products phone except the U.S. $ 9.5 billion over five weeks ended Dec. 24. Sales of video recorder plunge up to 43 percent, and sales of digital picture frames fell 38 percent. GPS unit declined 33 percent. Sales of personal computers and televisions fell only 4 percent, boosted by sales of televisions larger than 50 inches (127 centimeters). biggest U.S. electronics retailer, Best Buy Co. said sales in December largely due to weak traffic. Sales at stores open a year fell 1.2 percent during the month. However, sales of smart phones, tablet computers and e-readers (e-readers) are still strong. CEA and GfK expect smart phones and tablets will also be the hottest products on the global market, in addition to other equipment. "We will see many categories products will begin to slow, "said Steve Bambridge, Research Director at GfK United Kingdom.

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