Monday, 2 January 2012

Electric motorcycles for sale next month

MOTORCYCLE Eclimo electrical products Co., Ltd. (Eclimo) based in Penang will be in the local market at the end of next month, before entering the European market in June 2012.
The first model motorcycle brand of scooters Eclimo is ES11 with 125 cc capacity and driven using lithium ion batteries.
Executive Chairman, Datuk Dennis Chuah said the company aims to sell up to 20,000 units next year the share of four per cent of the local motorcycle market. Accordingly, the company is working with the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) to form an entrepreneurship program for motorcycle dealers brand Eclimo . Through the collaboration, the company appoints Nexus Technopreneur Sdn Bhd as the 'Primary Dealers' Eclimo. The company will also develop and DPMM 10 Bumiputera retailers that will sell, provide services and accessories for motorcycle owners Eclimo next year. "With the implementation of this program We believe that every retailer will have at least RM800, 000 per annum and this will give a new ray of electricity in the automotive industry, "he said. He was speaking after the signing ceremony of appointment Technopreneur Nexus Sdn Bhd as the 'Main Dealer' Eclimo, as witnessed by the Minister Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop in Georgetown, recently. At the ceremony, Eclimo and Technopreneur Nexus Sdn Bhd, represented by their managing director, Pang Chung Liew and Amilka Nazim. Eclimo Model ES 11 may be charged full within a period of three and a half hours with the distance traveled as far as 100 miles. Maximum speed of a scooter is equipped with lithium ion battery is 100 kilometers per hour. To alleviate buyers, Eclimo cooperate with Hong Leong and MasterCard International to provide easy payment scheme. Buyers only need to pay advance installments of RM100 and RM199 a month for 60 months. Eclimo also offers a five-year warranty for parts and labor costs and free service four times a year during the guarantee period. Dennis said, ES11 models will be released at the factory in Penang, but if demand reached 40,000 units, he will work with Naza Group to install in Shah Alam, Selangor. On the international market, he said, scooters will also be exported to Italy and Japan. "For a start, we will export a few thousand units to Italy middle of next year, "he said. Eclimo established in June 2008 is the local companies are involved in research and development (R & D) environment-friendly power technology, especially for the transport sector.



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