Wednesday, 8 February 2012

4 Yahoo board of directors resigned

YAHOO! announced the withdrawal of some members of its Board of Directors to make way for the restoration of the Internet company, who is now working to recover market share and confidence from investors. chairman, Roy Bostock announced he and three other directors who long served the company will put the office in the company , to make way for new executive director, Scott Thompson.

Yahoo! previously working hard to change her appearance than just search the internet to 'major digital media company, after affected by the emergence of Google.
Announcement of the withdrawal of some members of the Board of Directors was a week after Jerry Yang, Yahoo! co-founder of the 17 years ago, put all the positions in the California-based company. Yang, 43, one is the first dotcom billionaire, once the Board of Yahoo!; Yahoo ! Japan and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.. the Yahoo! Chief Executive from June 2007 until January 2009, and in that period he and Bostock rejected Microsoft bid to buy the company, which raised the anger among shareholders. Bostock and Yang has become anger target shareholders to cause the stock price dropped nearly half of the Yahoo! price when the company's leaders reject Microsoft's acquisition offer. the reins handed to a former executive of Autodesk, Carol Bartz where efforts to revive the company to a halt when he was sacked September ago by the Board, which he deemed to be 'stupid' after removed. Bostock said he had decided not to re-election in the next shareholders' meeting, along with three other Board members that Vyomesh Joshi, Arthur Kern and Gary Wilson. He said, Board of Directors has appointed two independent directors: former President and CEO of Rovi Corp., Alfred Amoroso and former Chief Operating Officer of eBay, Maynard Webb. Bostock said the strategic review on Yahoo! has achieved "significant progress" that has included various discussions with potential partners. "We have met with potential investors and examine proposals on equity investments in companies, although at present there is no such proposal which is deemed by the committee as something that is attractive to our shareholders," he said. Bostock, through his letter to shareholders, said Yahoo! is in 'active discussions' with Asian partners in the restructuring of its parent company, Alibaba Group and Yahoo! Japan. "While we continue to focus on an important source for this discussion, we are not in a position to provide any further details or provide assurance that any transaction will be accomplished transactions at this time, "he said.

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