Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mark Zuckerberg 'hackers'

MILLIONAIRE and chief executive of the leading social networking site, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg himself as a 'hacker.' For ordinary people, the word has a meaning evil, hear the criminals who steal personal voice or identity of the villain without crippling the website and email account break-in.

For Facecook, hackers have different purposes. It is the value embedded in the culture of the company. It describes the testing of new ideas even if doomed to failure and to promote new products rapidly even if not perfect. approach that hackers make up as a world's most valuable Internet company. Zuckerberg explains, hackers believe that all things can get better and nothing is completed. "They just need to fix even more so when dealing with people who always say that it is impossible or agree with the status quo," he said. Zuckerberg said this in 479 words essay entitled 'The Hacker Way 'the inclusion as part of company documents filed with the government officials to plan an initial public offering (IPO) of the operator of social networking site is. company aims to collect U.S. $ 5 billion from the IPO, which will put the value up to U.S. $ 100 billion. Youth aged 27 years who has an interest of U.S. $ 28.4 billion in the deal with 'H-word' 12 times in the essay, the words 'shareholder' is only used once. If he is aware of investor concerns by excluding the reference in the manifesto IPO, may he could easily described Facebook as "nimble" or "agile." Symbolically, it does not bode well for Facebook and investors, "said Associate Professor of Criminal Law at Drexel University, Robert D'Olivio who studied computer crime. "I think it shows that no part of his maturity. He should be more aware, "he said. By using the words, Zuckerberg also seen as trying to get recognition. him, Steve Jobs and the founders of many major technology companies are also hackers. "The word 'hacker' has a bad impression portrayed in the media as the impinging on the computer, "said Zuckerberg. "In reality, hacking just means building something quickly or consisted of a thing to be done," he said. To be fair, its meaning has become complex. Destroy an evil hacker with malicious intent. They invaded voice of victims of crime and celebrities to find the hot new story. They invade the security system to steal credit card data. This week alone, the Anonymous group hacked into the web of law enforcement around the world and get access to government intelligence and other sensitive information. Hackers are sometimes good to do godaman. But they do so in the name of innovation. They call themselves hackers' white hat 'to fight criminals godaman' black hat. " Usually, they are hired to expose the weakness in large companies. Kevin Mitnick, who was convicted and jailed in the 1990s as computer hacking, is now working as a consultant safety. It is totally different from life before which he spent many years of stealing secrets from the world's great companies. "I break into a computer to find the weaknesses before the bad guys do," he said. For Mitnick, "Hacker Way 'referred to Zuckerberg is about finding smart ways to overcome the problem. It also means identifying new uses for old things. Nathan Hamblen, who served with the Meetup.com website said it best godaman is among those who do something unexpectedly, a surprise to no others think about it. The word "sledge hammer" goes back a half century ago, when computer scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to adapt the phone system and computers. "MIT is Mesopotamia godaman activities. It is the place where the culture of hacking started, "said the author of Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, published in 1984, Steven Levy. small hacker community during the late 50's and 60's measure with one another through creative and technical abilities them and to use the title as an honor, more or less similar to what Zuckerberg is now. "They are doing things that should not be done on computers," he said. Some among those who do it as fun. In 1970, prior to establishing Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found his way invade the telephone system to make free calls. In one trial, both the Vatican only Steve was calling to see who will pick up the phone. "Wozniak pretend to be Henry Kissingger who want to speak with the pope. "We are at a conference in Moscow and we need to talk to him," mimicked the Woz. He informed that during the hours 5:30 am and the pope was still sleeping, "Walter Isaacson writes in his latest biography on Jobs. Godaman only beginning to be something bad about the 80's and 90's. Some are blaming Robert Morris, a student of computer science who discovered the weakness of internal travel internet and release virus 'worms' first computer in 1988. "He caused the Internet to blenders," said D'Olivio. Morris was the first person prosecuted under the act of fraud and approved federal computer abuse two years earlier. Films like 'War Games' in 1983 also increased public concern about godaman. In the film, a hacker is the next trigger world war, by thinking it is just a computer game. "It happened because Hollywood and because no other word out there, "said Andrew Howard, 28, a scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Year 80's and 90's also is the time where the use of computers began to grow. However it is still a mystery to most people. They think, "how it works? Is there anyone who will pass through? " Manifesto 'hacker' is a manifesto for Levy Zuckerberg, who composed "The Hacker Ethic 'in his book about the culture. The principle is, 'the hacker should be evaluated by their godaman work' and 'always emphasized the practical approach. ' practical approach is important to Facebook. Zuckerberg still spend hours writing computer code, even though he already has hundreds of engineers. How social networking site, Zuckerberg helped develop. When MySpace stopped innovating, Facebook users migrate to a more clean, simple and always changing. It causes News Corp to sell MySpace at U.S. $ 35 million last June. In the meantime, Facebook users rose sharply to 845 million even though the website is experiencing change and do the redesign of the safety regulations new. Zuckerberg and others may be possible to clean up the word. Meetup Hamblen believe that it has already happened. "People are not afraid of technology, which is the cause of the fear of hackers," he said. "When people can adapt to technology, godaman will be a way of looking at something and using it wisely.

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