Friday, 12 August 2011

DHL is confident the profit gained in Asia

DHL Global Forwarding confident that combines its ground transport services network could boost the company's business growth in Asia, particularly among small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs).
Managing Director, Dennis van der Meijs, said the service linking Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, known as ASIACONNECT DHL, DHL and DHL ASIANET ASIALINE was going to give space to the customer using ground shipping services are well-equipped, flexible and safe.
He said, Asia is projected to become a major contributor to group earnings was due to the growing market potential compared to other markets. "Last year, 60 percent from about 3 to 4 billion euros of income attributed to the Asian region and we expect a more significant increase for the financial year after This, "he told reporters after launching the network consolidation in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Dennis said, with predictions that the SME market in Asia will continue to experience an increase in growth, DHL is optimistic that the merger of three services would generate returns in company earnings . 'It's too early for us to give any figures, but expects that it has the potential to become one of the preferred ground shipping in the region, "he said. DHL is scheduled services ASIACONNECT Less Than Full Truck Load (LTL) services offered to support the full capacity the DHL truck ASIALINE and services according to specific needs, DHL ASIANET. All services are said Dennis is the best option for SMEs who often send loads of different sizes or businesses looking for a better inventory management. "With this network, DHL provides a choice fastest ground transportation, most flexible and secure, whether the customer requires a specific land transport solutions or simply want to send a small load safely based pricing system all in one, "he said.

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